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Pokémon Holmes is an alternate Pokémon universe. Not only are Pokémon humans, but they aren't any different than you or me. Each Pokémon species is a race of humans, instead of Pokémon being different species.

Please note that nothing is concrete. Characters, plots and chapters may change. The title is also tentative too. I created its own wiki because it's vastly different from my other fan fiction.

All characters, plots and chapters are copyright Heidi Michelle Hellstern.

"Who am I…? Well, I supposed anyone would like to know. I’m Celosia Holmes. I was named because of my fiery personality and looks whenever I was born. My looks? Well, I’m not a normal human. My race is called Royal: adults are called Pyroar and our children are called Litleo. I’m a detective. I work for Interpol, but my main office is in Veilstone City. I have solved over 500 crimes, more or less. I work with my partner, her name is Justice Johnson. Her kind is called Thunderbolt: adults called Zebstrika and the children are called Blitzle."


  • Celosia Holmes - a female Pyroar. She is cunning and witty, but very observational. She mainly stands in a bipedal stance, but is also quadrupedal when running.
  • Justice Johnson - Celosia's partner, a female Zebstrika. She is calm and wise, but not as observational as her partner. She has trouble standing in a bipedal stance, so she mainly stands in a quadrupedal stance. She is also very strong and can carry others when need be.
  • Jake Kim - a male Cobalion. He is a dentist working at his own clinic, when he stumbles upon...
  • Malady - a nickname for a male Yveltal that committed murder. No one knows his name.
  • Doe Arness - the female victim of Malady. She was a female Xerneas.



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